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Pounding Down Your Door (2017) by Andrew Charleson Gallacher - HD Digital Video - 5mins

Pounding Down Your Door (2017) uses animated text and a complex layered soundscape of voices to engage the viewer with a rhythmic script. It is both a narrative construct and a periphrastic assembly. Simultaneously and sequentially ominous, witty, playful, sinister, insistent and gentle. Fractional revelations and fragmentary meanings are erased, replaced and erased again.

Think: if Jenny Holzer and Barbara Kruger smoked crack together and turned a Maria Fusco text into a CBeebies video for dysfunctional grown-ups.


THE LIL' CORPSE A children's book for grown-ups Written by Andrew Charleson and illustrated by Nadia Perrotta


CONSUMED 2015 Time and food. Battleground.


Inconclusive Drawing Andrew Charleson Inconclusive Drawing (2016) Video. 3’10” Looped digital file

A video record of abstract marks on acetate to explore the tensions between creation and destruction, asking what we create in the act of destruction and what is destroyed when we create? Part animation, part live action and with an improvised soundtrack created as a response to the significant form of the drawing and its subsequent transformation.


Chroma 15


What the Hell is Going On?


Memento Mori

Andrew Charleson
Memento Mori (2014)
1'50" Digital Video File, looped.

This short video reflects on the precious brevity of life and the inevitability of death, on the mystery of existence and the ubiquity of grief. It is both a personal memorial to a loved father and an existential question without an answer