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Bound (2016)

A surround sound soundscape to accompany the installation.

BOUND (2016)
10 pieces memory foam, fabric, plastic, brown paper bags, webbing, brass. 4"6" x 3' x 4' with associated soundscape (3 mins digital audio file, CD)





Rhetorical (2016)

A surround sound soundscape to accompany the painting..


Oil on Dibond Aluminium 24" x 66" with associated soundscape (5mins digital audio file - CD)





What the Hell is Going on?

A soundscape made in surround sound 5.1 on Adobe Audition CS6 and performed on a Bose Lifestyle 20 sound system. This is a binaural version in a stereo mix


The Leaving

A collaborative piece with Venetia Nevill:

This soundscape collaboration realises sense triggers through auditory association. Using digital manipulation of found sounds this piece juxtaposes time and memory with conscious awareness to evoke in the listener their own response to the stages of absence.



A collaborative piece with Peps Barkhan