Andrew Charleson [AKA Andrew Gallacher] Artist's Portfolio

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MacDonald’s and Coca-Cola are frequent targets of anti-advertising. These companies’ logos are such an integral part of our cultural reference that they lend themselves to vilification. There is a growing popular movement holding global corporations to account for the social, economic and ecological impact of their business operations. This movement, fuelled by the readily available flow of information, has grown exponentially as such corporations’ power has exceeded some nation states’ ability to effectively police their unfettered capitalism.

These are "POWERWORDS"

There is no product. Nothing is for sale except the sensation of being sold to. In the new contemporary online consumerist cult the Power-Selling guru leads sale-hungry marketeers with the promise of Sales Sorcery: an invocation of magic words that summons-up the eager willing customer in an instant profitable flash.
The words provoke an emotional response, at once effective and affecting. They both attract and repel us. Representing selling technique as product demonstrates both the beauty and the deceit in this kind of advertising practice.

"The secret of all effective originality in advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures, but one of putting familiar words and pictures into new relationships."

Leo Burnett


Classified Ads...

reveal an intimate glimpse into the lives of the advertisers. This is advertising on the most human and least corporate scale possible.


Valuably Human.

To take these advertisements out of their original context and present them as gallery pieces is to recognise the cultural complexity of the individual and to place a value on each narrative.

Cultural Narrative.

In reacting both to the objects advertised, and to what is revealed about the advertiser, the viewer’s own gaze reveals reflections of absurdity and honesty, of passion and obsession. There is at once kitsch and treasure, pathos and courage.